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On the Hunt for a College or University

Here's some wisdom on what you need to consider when finding the perfect school for your soon-to-be high school graduate.

When looking at colleges, do not eliminate based on their printed tuition price. Many families have found that several private colleges will reduce their tuition by 40-60% after acceptance. Prepare for the SAT/ACT tests. There are free resources on-line, such as Khan Academy and Applerouth Tutoring, and excellent local test prep companies nearby the high school. The return on your investment will be in the form of college acceptances, lottery scholarship money, and merit scholarships. College tours can be taken prior to the junior year. When traveling, take a detour to visit a college campus that is along your route! Your child does not have to go to college. There are careers in skilled trades such as plumbing, carpentry, and welding that are high paying jobs. Look into the offerings at local technical schools. Cross reference the RHS AP classes to your preferred colleges to insure the credits transfer. Not all AP classes transfer and/or count towards your preferred college’s major. Familiarize yourself with SC lottery scholarship criteria and aim for the level that is manageable and realistically obtainable for your child: Be aware that a $2,500 supplement occurs in the second year if your child selects a STEM major.

Don’t restrict your student to only attending college in South Carolina. There are many out of state scholarships, and an out of state school might be a better fit for your child. Listen to the reasons they would like to choose one college over another.

Don’t panic! Many of our friends' children who are really good academic students didn’t hear back from some colleges they applied to until February, and one of these students received an offer of a full scholarship from an out of state school in April.

Go online and check out the colleges that your child would like to attend. Your student may very well meet or surpass the academic requirements. Googling the Common Data Set for each particular school will give you a lot of information about accepted students' test scores and GPAs.

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