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Living with a High Schooler

How do I navigate the ins and outs of living with a teenager?

If you want to know what’s going on in the school, join the PTSA and attend monthly meetings! Conversations often occur before/after meetings where you learn about things that are outside the meeting agenda. Attending meetings really helps parents keep up with what is going on at the school! (Yes, this is a shameless plug for the PTSA, but it is SO true!)

Teach your children how to cook and wash their clothes while in high school. They need to know how to budget time to do laundry and how to cook for themselves in life after high school! Do not accept their protest that they are too busy with school!

Take your child to private property or a desolated area to allow them to practice driving BEFORE they get their learners permit. They will gain the confidence and experience needed to be on the road by the time pass their learner’s permit test.

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